Strategic Council for Research And Innovation


The Strategic Council for Research and Innovation supports efforts and activities to strengthen research, to improve research impact and to address the major challenges of society.

The Council is responsible for monitoring AAU’s strategic development within research and innovation and for ensuring that there is a solid basis for developing common practices and for entering into collaboration agreements with international research and innovation institutions. In addition, the Council is also responsible for the development of knowledge collaboration in the intersection of innovation and research and for defining the objectives of our knowledge collaboration. 

The Strategic Council for Research and Innovation must seek to establish a stronger basis for gaining influence and for maximising the impact of the University’s research and innovation strengths.

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Strategic discussions of the focus areas and initiatives of the AAU strategy, including the coordination of cross-cutting activities and policies.
  • Strategic discussions and recommendations regarding consultation and policy input to authorities.
  • Strengthen and target the University’s external relations in the context of our focus areas.

When required, the council may establish interdisciplinary research and innovation forums on an ad hoc basis to support specific initiatives and activities.


  • Per Michael Johansen, rector (chair)
  • Ole Kæseler Andersen, pro-dean for research, Faculty of Medicine   
  • Anette Therkelsen, pro-dean for research, Faculty of Humanities
  • Søren Kristiansen, pro-dean for research, Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Torben Larsen, pro-dean for research, Technical Faculty of IT and Design
  • Lars Porskjær, pro-dean for research, Faculty of Engineering and Science
  • Thorkild Ærø, pro-dean for research-based public sector services, Faculty of Engineering and Science
  • Charlotte Pedersen Jacobsen, head of research support


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If you have any questions or comments, please contact:

Charlotte Pedersen Jacobsen