Main Occupational Health and Safety Committee

About the Main Occupational Health and Safety Committee

The Main Occupational Health and Safety Committee (HAMiU) operates within the framework of the Danish Working Environment Act and the requirements for health and safety cooperation stipulated by the Danish Working Environment Authority. The Main OHS Committee defines the policies, frameworks and strategies for occupational health and safety activities at Aalborg University (AAU).

Duties and responsibilities

  • policies relating to OHS activities
  • the overall organisation and planning of workplace evaluations (APV) at AAU in collaboration with the Main Joint Consultation Committee (HSU)
  • organising an annual OHS seminar for AAU’s OHS organisation
  • preparing the annual OHS report and evaluating the report during OHS discussions
  • annual evaluation and possible revision of
  • AAU’s occupational health and safety policy
  • health and safety training at AAU
  • the occupational health and safety organisation of AAU, including the information structure

Members of the Main Occupational Health and Safety Committee (HAMiU)

Committee members




/main area   

Per Michael Johansen (Rector) (Chair)  AAU  AAU All
Martin Mølholm
(VIP) (Deputy chair)
Dept. of Communication and Psychology HUM AAL
Søren Lind Christiansen (Direktor)(Manager) Shared Services  FS AAL
Henrik Pedersen
Technical Faculty of IT and Design  TECH AAL
Kim Dremstrup
Dept. of Health Science and Technology  SUND  AAL
Thorkild Ærø
Danish Building Research Institute (SBi)  ENG  CPH
Keld Thorgaard
Dept. of Learning and Philosophy  HUM  AAL
Trond Beldo Klausen
Dept. of Sociology and Social Work  SAMF  AAL
Jette Thorsen Gade
The dean's office, SUND  SUND  AAL
Thomas Sørensen Quaade
Dept. of Materials and Production  ENG  AAL
Jimmi Jessen Nielsen
Dept. of Electronic Systems  TECH  AAL
Karina Boller Jensen
Dept. of Materials and Production ENG  AAL
Sanne Svendsen

Dept. of Clinical Medicine

André Bjørn Nielsen
Study Services  FS  AAL


Permanent observer for Esbjerg campus

  • Rudi P. Nielsen

Permanent staff representatives

  • Helle Ejersbo (HR)
  • Mogens Juul Møller (Campus Services)


The HR Department provides administrative support to the Main OHS Committee. 

If you have any questions or comments to the Main OHS Committee, please contact:

Martin Mølholm, deputy chair

Main Occupational Health and Safety Committee secretariat

Further information