Council for Quality Assurance and Development

About the council of quality assurance and development

The Council for Quality Assurance and Development has been appointed by the Executive Management to ensure quality assurance and development of all degree programmes at Aalborg University. 

The Council is responsible for monitoring that the University complies with the laws and rules in force regarding quality assurance in the area of education. The Council must also ensure continuous quality improvement, and update quality assurance and development strategies, procedures and policies comprising the entire University. This includes determining whether current policies and procedures ought to be updated and/or replaced and identifying areas in which the required policies and procedures do not yet exist.

Furthermore, the Council has the overall responsibility for institutional accreditation and accreditation in general and for ensuring the implementation of strategic initiatives in the area of quality assurance.


  • Anne-Marie Kanstrup, Pro-rector for education (chair)
  • Hans Olav Geil, pro-dean for education, Faculty of Engineering and Science
  • Louise Møller Haase, pro-dean for education, Technical Faculty of IT and Design
  • Malene Gram, pro-dean for education, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities
  • Jeppe Emmersen, pro-dean for education, Faculty of Medicine
  • Thomas Ryberg, Director, Institute of Advanced Study in PBL
  • Lone Vestergaard, Director, Study Services
  • Lone Hougaard, head of section, the Quality Assurance Unit in Study Services
  • Lisa Krogh Christensen, educational advisor (observer)
  • Christian Obel Pinstrup, student representative
  • Marie Elisabeth Strøyberg, student representative
  • Linea Winkler Pedersen-Ulrich, student representative


The Strategy and Quality unit in Study Services provides administrative support to the Council. If you have any questions or comments, please contact:

The Strategy and Quality unit in Study Services